So this is ‘Algonaut’, a blog by Abhishek Divekar about algorithms of interest in the computing and programming world. It hopes to question and explore different algorithms, and entertain those interested in how algorithms dominate the computing world on a basic level, by providing relevant links, pictures, tables, charts, graphs and write-ups.

The Algonaut blog, also discusses and links to cool and informative developments in the world of computing, both new and old. It’s a repository for all the best ideas, solutions, explanations or just funny developments that catch my eye … or yours, if you contact me at algonautblog@gmail.com. I’m always happy to discuss any snippet of code, pseduocode, brainstorm, picture or doubt you have had, and I’d be happy to include it in a new post.

So. One guy, one laptop, and a whole world full of algorithms to explore. Let’s get started!


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